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Settling Weir

The Settling Weir tank efficiently cleans overflow water from the Catcher Tank for recycling through a Water Recycling System or for environmental disposal. When water enters the tank an ideal gravitational filtering process begins in the unit. Small, lightweight particles fall a short distance before contacting the plates, where they stick together and are trapped. Clean water exits to a Water Recycling System or a disposal drain while sediment falls to the bottom of the tank, where routine removal is made easy with the integrated sediment pump system.

System Features

  • Standard catcher tank hose fits directly to the Settling Weir
  • Submersible sediment pump
  • Modules of angled plates create water flow to filter particles
  • Pumpback System Optional

System Benefits

  • Water returning to a Water Recycling System is cleaner, extending the life of filters
  • Water flow efficiently removes finer particles from water
  • Offers a means to comply with regional waste disposal regulations
  • Lower operating cost: no expensive filters to replace

Filter Vessels

PSI filtration vessels are expertly engineered and designed for reliability and ease of use. Our line of vessels will covers nearly every fluid application needed. From the compact single bag filter vessel to the large multi-bag designs, we can design and build any setup that your flow demands require. Built to meet ASME Code and constructed out of carbon steel or 304/316 stainless, our swing bolt and band clamp styles vessels are in stock and available for shipment immediately. Our vessels can also be custom designed for any application, including OEM replacements.

System Features

  • Swing bolt & band clamp style bag, cartridge, & media vessels
  • Top spring seals allow for cartridge length variations
  • ASME Design and stamped vessels
  • Custom designs available for OEM’s
  • Quick & Simple opening closures for fast filter changes

System Options

  • Heavy Duty 304/316SS or Carbon Steel
  • Wide array of inlet / outlet port sizes available
  • Gauge ports Optional w/ Pressure gauges
  • Accepts standard double open-ended style cartridges (222 & 226 style adapters optional)

Filter Cartridges & Bags

Bag systems are a commonly used method for removing particles because they can achieve the desired filtration level easily, and are cost efficient. Bag filters are sized accordingly to the housing and strainer basket they are supported by. There are multiple media options that can be used depending on your application.

System Features

  • Complete line of industry standard and custom filters
  • Industry standard 10″ – 40″ water filter cartridges
  • Melt-blown, string-wound, resin bonded & pleasted
  • Big blue & activated carbon cartridges
  • Hydraulic cartridges – Pleated paper, microglass and synhetic
  • Oil from water & water from oil separators

System Benefits

  • Cartridge filters are recommended for systems with contamination’s lower than 100 PPM
  • Cartridge filter can be surface or depth-type filters
  • Bag filters are mostly surface-type filters
  • Bag filters are a common and cost effective option for filtering cooling water